Have MH – Member of the Board Tehran Chamber of Commerce – In an interview with the Iranian Students News Agency ( ISNA ) , stating that the electronic infrastructure in order to remove nonexistent, said when importing order to go to the office of the department immediately declares that the goods must comply with the standards .

He continued : If you order an item that is already predetermined standards to be registered in order to be connected to the network .

is given .

The Tehran Chamber of Commerce Member of the Board emphasized that the removal of the old order is a surprise , said: Unfortunately, in order to remove the electronic infrastructure of the Central Bank , local banks , Standard Office , there is no Food and Drug Administration and Customs .

According to him, these organizations must be electronically connected to the removal order did not interfere in the process of importation and registration information .


The Chamber Member of the Board Tehran continued government infrastructure order to eliminate the possibility that there is still not complete and importers in the first stage to get information about the standard and quality of the goods to the office and go to a specific organization .

He ordered the removal process should circumstances arise that importers initially be connected to standard office , stated the information to be importers of current laws in so high that we that’s when the goods to the problem customs have cleared the import of certain goods , such as cars above 2500 cc countries is prohibited.


The Tehran Chamber of Commerce Member of the Board emphasized that removal of the business process in order to create Impaired problem , pointed out that not paved the way for the removal of the order .

Finally he emphasized that the customs , central banks , local banks , standard office and healthcare organizations need to have a strong connection to each other, said earlier entrepreneurs should be prepared for such decisions .