Common language of all the member countries of the World Customs Organisation ‘s imports, exports , insurance , transportation and … ” tariff ” that in any year will be reviewed and revised and published in book format import and export regulations .

as an important source of income after oil and reminding taxes .

According to the world economy, which is perhaps why the identity of commodities trading profits each year to a commission composed of representatives of organizations that are involved in the import , the formation of .

Under the legislation, the Council of Ministers meeting held on 28 March 92 proposal of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Commerce according to Article 138 of the constitution, the commercial benefit of tariff lines subject goods is set to run in 93 years . This legislation led to the publication of 93 years of import and export regulations in 6 sections and 96 chapters in electronic form in Appendix 2 , while still unprepared for the distribution of its print .

E- book release of import and export regulations as happened previously head of business development and vice president of news tariff reduction , and declared the not increase ninety-three no items tariffs . MR Nmtzadh the helm of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade took over as the sole means of controlling imports goods from the tariff has learned. All of this suggests that the determination of the eleventh state to join the World Trade Organization , Iran is determined .

In this regard yesterday, Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Import Export in 93 publication of regulations by the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran said that the general level of tariff reduction in 93 years .

Vlyalh Afkhmyrad in an interview with Mehr news agency added that all countries have a tariff system , but it is possible that the tariff numbers , the differences exist. In some countries, tariffs may hold at least one tariff class or two , to get their funds from importers .

Head of Trade Promotion Organization of Iran, on the general level of tariffs in 93 years, explained the 93 -year tariff , is decreasing. While the government do something to reduce the general level of tariffs this year if the data exchange is affected by the sharp rise in prices .

 Afkhami said Rudd , in as usual every year, book review of import and export regulations and in accordance with the economic conditions , executive in various fields , the necessary proposals to tariff trade promotion organization sections of your offer . He said: After reviewing the proposal and implementation of the proposed tariffs with a road map to join the WTO , there is Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization has published a book of tariffs .

Customs duty stabilizer
When the book was published 92 years in import and export regulations , customs and international experts in the subject of criticism was followed by reduction of customs duty from 4 percent to 2 percent.

In chapter 44 of the book of regulations export import tariff of 92 years for some goods rows were often intermediate goods , entry 2% of rights was intended .

But the eleventh state in the late fall of last year was 4% customs duty for all goods declared to the Customs revenue may decline due to reduced customs entry rights had improved. Hamid Reza Mohammadi , deputy director of provincial affairs coordination office of Customs on entry rights to 93 -year Customs import and export regulations in the book ” the world economy ,” said House passage of customs duties on the basis of 4% and is stable and should not change. In fact the book has been included in this figure as well as import and export regulations 93 . The only thing that varies , trading profits , according to the government for various commodities have been different .

Decision Tariff
Although each year from 15 February to propose changes or relocation fees to the Commission of a went to new proposals to the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade to send and then compile the book import and export regulations in the book, tariffs , known as the be taken to the cabinet , but the cabinet was the eleventh session of the twenty-ninth of November 92, proposed by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and commerce according to Article 138 of the constitution, trading profit of 99 products subject to tariff regulations implementing regulations import and export records adopted .


Accordingly, trading profit increased 19 shipping included , trading profit of 9 products subject to tariff reduction and 11 products were also subjected to modified rows . The trading profit of 14 products subject to tariff elimination and a new row was set to 43 products . According to this Act , goods are also subject to paragraph 3 of tariff protectionism was.

Accordingly, in order to supply the domestic , commercial benefit of certain goods such as mobile devices, wired and wireless phones , stencil printing machine rota with a width of two meters and less , vinyl acetate monomer and supplementation decreased. Also supporting the production , trading profit of hydro turbine generator with a power greater than 5000 kW power and 40 MW from 15 percent to 22 percent increased.

Runtime is when ?
Book online import and export regulations , 93 which was released yesterday , is still officially communicated to relevant organizations , including the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs yet.

Hamid Reza Mohammadi , deputy provincial Customs Office for the Coordination of this announcement says that due to government legislation has come into force from March , customs enforcement nationwide importers difference is commitment . Tariff increases and it may be that there is an executive document . Of course, if the tariff can be reduced customs tariff reduction Mabhazay importer does not pay the fee .

Mohammadi said that the goods are imported into the customs warehouses , they are subject to a tariff of 92 years and that criterion, customs , warehousing bill is. But the goods entering the country from April to receive a license and customs declaration , they will be subject to tariff increases .


He is believed to be effective for measuring the reduction of tariffs, the average tariff rate in years 92 and 93 is calculated to be certainly commented about it .