producers , traders and owners of goods ) is authorized under the following conditions while observing strict rules and regulations , the import demand rights for cargo owner , agent or legal representative said his bank guarantees reliable and in accordance with the form accepted the customs of the Islamic Republic Iran getting . According to this directive , the deadline for bank guarantees Makhvzh depending on the goods imported are as follows :

A : For lomin , production line machinery parts, CKD (CKD) units needed spare parts , medicines , medical equipment , hospital , laboratory , rehabilitation, construction machinery , shop equipment and mining , basic commodities (including wheat , rice , sugar , barley, meal , corn, livestock , oils , butter ) , 9 month is determined .

B : for other goods 6 ( six ) month is determined .

C : accept guarantees for individuals alone amounted to more than 300 million rials is possible .

Note – The name of the transition guarantee ( subject Nh ) context of guarantee must be identical with the goods in the customs declaration text . Well as customs duty to ensure the authenticity of all the country’s banks issued bank guarantees , letters of guarantee and exporting them via branch or guardian of the relevant branch or web-based systems have been introduced to the inquiry and after obtaining written confirmation, to the provision of import declarations to action. According to this directive , to prevent the confirmation receipt of any falsification of , and abuse of money guarantee bank receipt via web bank deposit receipt and acceptance should be simultaneously deposited by representatives of receipt of the goods should not be separated .