Official apparel imports fell more than 80 percent last year .

According to latest customs statistics, in the year 1392 , over 315 tons of clothing worth approximately two million and 251 thousand tons were imported . The level of imports in terms of volume and value , respectively, 80.62 and 87.21 percent lower than the 1391 experience .

Clothing in the previous year ‘s value of a share of only 0.01 per cent of the country’s total imports accounted for .

UAE , China , Germany, Tuesday originating apparel imports into the country last year . The share of clothing imports from these three countries respectively 32.47 , 29.15 and 12.51 percent.

Other countries contributed 25.88 per cent of the country’s total apparel imports was accounted for .

Foreign apparel imports decline occurred in the country while also providing controls and massive sales of foreign apparel brands in the market, we show that the extensive smuggling of clothing are . Tanakvra and second-hand clothing as well as a large part of the western border of the country .

Clothing few months ago because it had a 10 precedence in order to stop it , but now the order of priority of apparel and other merchandise 10 , has been released .

Clothing items are of the highest traffic volumes in the country. Pzhvshhay Centre House last year ‘s report had stated that shipments of apparel imports apparel contraband discovered in 1389 was three times the total volume of import legitimate goods .

Pzhvshhay Center Assembly also noted the strong growth the country has declared illegal garment apparel smuggling into the country during 1385 to 1389 grew 500 percent.

Recent statistics released by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade shows that just over 9,300 garment manufacturing unit with an investment of $ 4.1 trillion and are active in over 250 thousand people are active in the industry . Wholesale clothing is a legally enter the country will have to import Pvshakhay are sometimes high prices in the Iranian market .