Public Relations of Iran Customs Information Center quoted in this session, Dr. Isaac presidential Jahangiri first vice president general economic policies of the notification referred to resistance from the Supreme Leader reiterated in paragraph 19 of the notice on the issue of transparency anti-Corruption Commission strongly emphasized the need to further consider the issue on its agenda .
Accordingly dealing with issues related to the economy and pursue violations .
First vice president also pointed out the main duties of staff to coordinate the fight against economic corruption , noted: The main responsibility of staff , coordination to remove obstacles in the fight against corruption and economic provide a suitable platform for combating fraud and to resolve the Supreme Leader and in dealing with the demands of the national economy and abuse corruptors expensive fulfill .
Dr. Jahangir said : Headquarters measures must also think that creating a safe environment for investment and economic actors in the country’s economic growth and development and provide a healthy activity .
Hojjat al-Eslam Mehdi , First Deputy Head of the Judiciary this session also emphasized the need for economic discipline in the country , saying it would strengthen border control and surveillance in different parts of banks , enterprises and all sectors of the economy is under the control of economic security in formed the basis for sound economic activities will be provided.
First Deputy Judiciary reform the banking system and economic processes and added to the communication process is not transparent and does not prevail within the discipline of economic sectors , was not violate the problems and areas .
activities are safe return .
Mehdi Hojjat ol-Eslam Mohammad Minister of Justice, referring to government actions at this time XI said:
Strengthening and the formation and development of e-government and the use of modern communication systems , important work in preventing corruption in government economic policy and hope formed and positive events in different sectors such as customs , tax agencies , organizations and registration documents regulation of civil affairs and property occurred .
At this meeting , the Head of the Inspectorate General of the Tehran Prosecutor, President of the Supreme Audit Court of the Islamic Consultative Assembly also attended the improvement of rules and procedures were discussed and recommendations for further work were raised Headquarters .